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Raham \ra-ham\ as a boy's name has the meaning

"mercy, compassion"

“The name Raham occurs only once in the Bible.

He is a son of Shema, son of Hebron, son of Caleb of Judah

(1 Chronicles 2:44). Raham's son is named Jorkeam…. “


The name Raham in the Bible – text taken from 

The name Raham comes from the verb רחם (raham) meaning to love or have mercy:

(See Abarim Publications Theological Dictionary = רחם)


There are two roots רחם (rhm), and it's unclear to which extend they have to do with each other: רחם I

The meaning of the root רחם (raham) was lost over time, but in cognate language it has meanings varying from to be soft or gentle to being compassionate and affectionate.


In the Bible the verb רחם (raham) means to love deeply or have mercy. HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament adds the distinction that this verb usually applies to the affection of a "superior" to an "inferior." The prophet Isaiah uses it to reflect the love that a mother feels for her baby (49:15). King David uses it for the love that a father has for his child (Psalm 103:13). Very often this verb is used to describe the love or mercy God has for His people (Exodus 33:19, 2 Kings 13:23).